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SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 16GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card

one of the best Memory Card for your Mobile:

* 16GB capacity
* Upto 48MB/s read speed
* Dependable high speed for shooting Full HD (1080p) video and high quality photos
* Compatible with all microSDHC, microSDXC supporting host devices
* 7 years warranty
for more details, click below link

SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC 16GB UHS-I Class 10 Memory Card (SDSQUNB-016G-GN3MN)


how to purchase a memory card for mobile

Hello Friends,

Today, I am telling about a memory card purchases for your mobile.

* There are two types of memory card. Micro and mini

* identify how much memory capacity supported by your mobile. Go through the document of your mobile or search on your mobile company site.

* find out your need like what is the use of memory card : music , movies , games , photo.

* memory card comes in different different size now a days. For example: 2gb, 4gb, 8gb,16gb, 32gb , 64 gb and more….

* every memory card come with class type like class 4, class 8, class 10. Class defines the speed of data transfer to and from memory card. So class 8 is better than class 4. Now a days class10 is latest one.

* whereas price is concern, a class 10 16gb pen drive generally comes in 500₹.

Purchase a new Mobile

Hi Friends,
Here I am telling you the basics of purchasing a new Mobile in Indian Market.

1. Find out your basic needs
* Camera / Display Size / Gaming / Performance / Good Look / calling only /music & VIDEO


2. set your budget.
under 5ooo / 5000 -7000 rs / 7000 – 10000 rs / 10000 -15000 rs/ above 15000

3. Always compare Mobile performances among brands before Purchasing.

4. Compare Price (online/offline) before final decision.

5. Guaranty /Warranty related to Mobile and their accessories.

For a good comparison of Mobiles, continuously checking my blog.

Happy Purchasing!!

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