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Cashless transactions (e-wallets)

Cashless transaction Providing by Mobile-Apps (e-Wallet):

* Paytm :- you can transfer money to any people/shop who has a paytm app. you can do Mobile Recharge, DTH payment or shopping. Also, you can transfer amount back to Bank.

* Freecharge:- you can transfer money to any people/shop who has a Freecharge app. you can do Mobile Recharge, DTH payment or shopping.

* SBI Buddy:- you can transfer money to any people/shop who has a SBI-Buddy app. you can do Mobile Recharge, DTH payment or shopping.

* Airtel Money:- you can do Mobile Recharge or DTH payment for airtel number. need Airtel number

* Jio Money:- you can recharge any number but you have a Jio Sim to use this e-wallet.

Now a days, Most of the e-Wallet provider giving an attractive cashback to their users. like if you are first-time user of Freecharge app, download app and use code: R73WGF2 . After your first Recharge of 50Rs, you will get 50Rs cashback. That means , your First Transaction is FREE of Cost if you use code: R73WGF2 on Freecharge.

~Happy Shopping, ExpertShopIndia



IMEI stands for : International MobileStation Equipment Identity

This is a unique identification number of every mobile. using this number, you can track your mobile.

How can you found IMEI number of your mobile. ?

it’s so simple . Just dial *#06# from your phone and it shows IMEI number.

if your phone supports dual sim, you will get two IMEI numbers.

note down this IMEI number for future purpose.

Google Duo

Google Duo
Get closer to everyone you love with simple, high-quality video calling App
* A video calling app by Google
* you can download it from Google Playstore
* register with your mobile number
* you can do a video call which has Google Duo Account.
Have you not download it yet??
Just go to PlayStore and search “Google Duo”

Useful and needy Apps for Smartphone

Here are some basics and must required Mobile Apps for your smartphone.

  • Facebook
  • Maps
  • WhatsApp
  • Google+
  • Youtube (Online video)
  • Soundcloud (music app)
  • NTES (Train Enquiry)
  • NewsHunt
  • Translate
  • Gmail
  • weather forcast
  • AppLock
  • Chrome (browser)


  • Candy Crush
  • Subway surfers
  • Real Racing
  • Angry Bird

These are the basics apps which must be in your smartphone but There are a lots of other applications too.

Check this site continuously for more updates.

Mobile Brands for Android

Here are the List of Android Mobile Brands in India.

  • Motorolla
  • Micromax
  • Samsung
  • Htc
  • Xolo
  • Sony
  • Leneo
  • Sansui
  • Alcatel
  • Mi
  • Spice
  • and many more…..

Prices are vary from brand to brand and functionality. generally a basic Android phone starts with 4000 rs . A good Smartphone comes in a normally 8000 rs to 13000 in India.

Mobile Operating System (OS)

Hi Friends,

Are you going to purchase a new Smartphone ?

Here I am telling you all about Smartphone operating system .

There are mainly three types of operating system which are used in Mobile:

  1. Android
  2. Windows
  3. iOs

Operating system is backbone of any Mobile . All the Mobile needs a certain operating system (OS) for providing any type of functionality.

Now-a-days Android is mostly used os in Indian mobile. Android is developed by ‘Google’.

Windows is developed by Microsoft and iOs is developed by Apple.

So, at the time of purchasing of any Mobile, Check which version is latest for any operating system.

Latest Version:

Android:- Lollipop 5.0, Kitkat 4.2

Windows:- 8.1, 8.0

iOs:- iOs 8

latest os of windows is windows 10.0 which has released in July 2015. but There is no Mobile which comes with pre-loaded windows 10 os.

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