Now a days, we generally see a huge discounts on all items. It doesn’t matter whether it is online website or physical store. Whenever any festival comes , all companies started to give huge discounts . Sometimes it started from 40℅ to 100℅.

After purchasing some items every customer thinks he has save some money. But have you ever thought, is any company ever face loss due to such huge discounts? No, because if a company face any loss in his business, he never provides any discounts. So, How they provide such a huge discounts or sometime big Cashback during festival time.! 

If you continuously watching a specific product from atleast 2-3 months before a festival season, you can see the differences between MRP . Most of the stores increased the price on festival time and then provide a discount. They increased so much so that after providing you 50℅ discount, they still be able to gain 25-50℅ profit.Sometimes they given the discount on outdated product like Cloths . sometimes, it is bank specific credit card or debit card offer. since there that product is not sales, they given discount  on that product during festival season.

So, be careful , during purchase of festival time just because shoppers have advertised a huge discounts or Cashback. In reality, you will never got a single percentage discount but pay at least 10-20℅ of actual price.most of the time, a non-festival price is slightly lower than a discounted price product during festival season.  Purchase items only which you really need and don’t forget to compare it’s price among various store before purchasing.

~Smart shopping, Happy shopping with expertshopindia~