Power Bank is a small device which is used for  uninterrupted power supply for your mobile devices and tablets. 

Imagine,  you are traveling and your smartphone got discharged, what you generally do. You wait to reach your home an Recharge your smartphone. Till time, you are in disconnected mode. You suffer from your important calls, emails. In this situation, Power Bank is very helpful device for your smartphone. You can charge your devices on the go.

Tips for purchasing a good Power Bank:

-always purchase a brand power bank. A brand item is little bit costlier but it is long lasting and provide a good Power backup.

– check power bank capacity before purchasing one. Generally, power bank comes in the type of 5200 mah or 2600 mah or 10400 mah. 

Mah decides how much energy provided by a power bank in one full charge. So, if your smartphone battery is of 3000 mah and you choose 10400 mah power bank that means you can charge your smartphone 3 times full charge.Now a days, 10400 mah power bank comes around ₹1000.

– check output voltage of power bank with your mobile requirements. It may be 1.5 v or 2.5 v

– always choose a power bank which has auto shut-off mode. So, no need to charge your power bank every week.

– some power banks also provide a led torch with it.

– always choose a power bank which has light indicator so that you can know when your power bank needs charging.

– a good Power bank brand is : PNY . Other brands are Ambrane, Mi, Lenevo

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